Lorry Transport

Lorry Transport & Delivery Services

The most widely used mode of transportation on ground with its versatility and convenience offered to our clients. Lorry transport services are one of the most sought after transport services in Malaysia for personal and business needs. Choose your ideal lorry transport on our platform matching your requirements to enjoy great savings and flexibility.

What Our Lorry Delivery Service Bring To Your Business

Recurrent Deliveries
By Lorry Transport

Tumpang with the widest network of lorry transport and transportation companies in Malaysia, brings to you a wide coverage of routes across Malaysia from lorries that are already making their daily deliveries on a given routine.  Recurrent deliveries are made available as well once a lorry transport with a fixed daily route is identified, matching to the pickup and destination of your choice, should you require a lorry transport service with recurrent delivery.

Space and Size

Optimization and choices are at the core of Tumpang lorry services. Sizes of trucks and lorries can be matched accordingly to the volume and weight of your goods. Be it a 1-tonne lorry or 3-tonnes, we will optimize its usage based on the available space needed by you and provided by our transportation service partners in Malaysia.

Cost Savings and Flexibility Offered
by Our Lorry Transport

By making good use and the advantage of Tumpang, you can basically expect to ‘tumpang’ your goods & items for delivery and transportation with our transport partners based on the availability of space, required specifications matched and the similar routes taken from and to your destination. The unused space from a lorry also meant greater cost savings as you are taking up some of the given space instead of hiring a whole lorry to deliver only your goods in a given route. Enjoy the flexibility of various offered quotations from our lorry service providers.

Why Choose Tumpang As The Preferred
Lorry Delivery Service in Malaysia?

Lowest Prices

Get instant quotations within 24 hours from our transport partners to compare the best rates of delivery service in Malaysia.

Easy To Use

Just a click away and your delivery service shall be on its way.

Any Time, Any Size, Any Place

Most reliable 24/7 & express delivery service at your choice of pick-up time, for any sizes and to any places in Malaysia.

Same Day Delivery Is Now Available From Your Lorry Transport

More convenient, more time saved and more satisfaction is assured with same day delivery options offered by our various transport companies. List down your requirements for same day delivery, along with the specifications and dimensions of your items and we bet that you will enjoy such convenience that are all arranged and executed within the same day.

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