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Aside from the dedicated transport partners at Tumpang, the services provided just doesn’t stop there. Our team of professional movers in Malaysia will take care of your items delicately prior to loading onto a transport vehicle and unload them at your designated destination.

Be it for your home residence or business premise, our team of home movers and/or office movers will ‘unload’ your mind from the burdens of managing these cumbersome chores.

Moving Made Easier With Tumpang Malaysia House Mover Service

The notion of moving can be both tiring and frustrating. A lot of planning is usually required and countless hours are needed to sort the items, pack them accordingly and to be handled carefully upon loading as some items can be heavy, fragile, easily dented and delicate.

At Tumpang, moving is made easier with all your needs and thoughts addressed by our experienced team of movers in Malaysia. We understand your concerns and which is why, we simplify the way we do things with the support our team of professional movers in Malaysia.

Let us know your items to be moved and our team of movers will have them sorted out in no time, paying extreme care and attention in every details along the procedural guidelines of packaging, loading, unloading and the safe delivery to its rightful destination.

1. Loading & Unloading

With proper planning, loading and unloading of the items to be transported can be a breeze. Be assured and at ease when you communicate with us on the details of your items to be moved.

For offices, a clearance should be obtained from your office management to unload the items as well as to present full details of our office movers for safekeeping by the management office.

For homeowners with security guard facilities, prior information on our home movers shall be furnished and provided as well to obtain clearance for entry to our home movers.

2. Delivery

Timely delivery is to be expected once all the details of the movers, clearance from the management, packaging of goods & items, loading and unloading procedures are all sorted out.

Let our best movers in Malaysia deliver the optimal service and assurance to you at Tumpang.

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